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Pattern Making with the Bara System October 1-5 2018

Pattern Making with the Bara System October 1-5 2018


This Class will be held at The Modern Maker's Studio in Brooklyn, NY from Monday October 1st through Friday October 5th 2018

61 Greenpoint Avenue
Suite 401D
Brooklyn, NY 11222

ALL CLASSES will be from 9am to 5pm with a 1 hour lunch break from 1-2pm

In this class, students will learn the origin, use and principles of pattern making with the Bara system. We will make a set of custom tape measures with which we will draft a variety of standard patterns from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Clothing for men and women will be made in this class. At any given time, we may be drafting patterns for these two body types simultaneously.

Patterns will include:

DAY 1:
Field Trip to NYC Garment District to buy tools and shop (3 hours)
Return to Studio for Lecture and Demonstration.

DAY 2:
Bodies for a Woman (2 hrs)
Full Doublet draft, male or female (4 hours—crosses over lunch break)
Breeches, male or female (for Italian-style drawers) 1 hour

DAY 3:
Top Coat (Unisex)

Cut and Make Mock-ups to test patterns (We will pick and choose the most essential patterns to mock up)

DAY 5:
Correct Patterns according to adjustments from Day 4
Discuss Broader use of the system in the making of other eras of clothing and working with different bodies

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