Pre-Order: Knitting with The Modern Maker Volume 1

Pre-Order: Knitting with The Modern Maker Volume 1


This book will be released to the public on November 12th, 2019,

The Modern Maker is now accepting pre-orders for “Knitting with The Modern Maker Volume 1: Early Modern Knits and Designs Inspired by Them”. This book will be the first volume in a collection of knitting pattern books designed by Mathew Gnagy and friends.

If you’ve enjoyed our historical and modern clothing work, this book will take you to a new level. Knitwear was a prominent part of the Early Modern wardrobe, just as it is today. The methods and styling have changed over time, but our enjoyment of comfortable, made-with-love knits ties our lives together with those of the past.

Knitting with The Modern Maker Volume 1 includes:
22 knitting patterns, some exclusive to the book!
Tutorials and How-Tos on knitting
Knitting materials and yarn product source page

Several of the patterns have been released individually, In the book there will be additional variations for you to create. Here is the list of items in the book (note, as editing continues, more patterns may be added)

Early Modern Flat Cap (fulled, historical, worsted weight yarn)
Colorwork Cap with earflaps (modern variation, fulled worsted weight yarn)
Bruegel Bonnet (fulled wool, historical, chunky weight yarn)
Tall Hat (fulled wool, historical worsted wool, doubled)
Colorwork Trilby (fulled wool, modern Chunky weight)
Italian Cap (silk, historical 20/2 silk doubled)
Two-Color Striped Cap (wool, modern, worsted weight)
Modern Cap with Cable detail (wool, modern, worsted weight)
Wool Stocking-Italian Heel (wool, historical fingering/sock weight)
Wool Stocking, Northern Heel (wool, historical, fingering/sock weight)
Heavy Gauge Silk stocking (historical, 20/2 silk doubled)
Fine Gauge Silk Stocking (historical 20/2 silk single)
Modern Sock with Italian Heel (wool, modern fingering weight)
Gauntlet Gloves (wool, historical, worsted weight)
Gauntlet Mittens (wool, modern, fingering weight)
Basic Gloves (modern, fingering weight)
Cable Mitts (modern, dk weight)
Pullover with Cable details (wool, modern, unisex, aran weight)
Cabled Cardigan (historically inspired, wool, modern, unisex, worsted weight)
Colorwork Cardigan (wool, historically inspired modern, unisex, dk weight)
Chunky Cable Sideways Cardigan (wool, modern, unisex)
Colorwork Coasters (wool, historically inspired color patterns, modern, dk weight)

Many of the yarns are available at your local craft store

Benefits of Pre-ordering:
Customers that pre order will obtain first edition copies of the book signed by Mathew Gnagy, and be prioritized for shipping immediately after publication.

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