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The work of The Modern Maker is available to purchase. All works sold on this page are the work of Mathew Gnagy, Owner and creator of The Modern Maker. Some pieces are works of art and carry the caveat that, should you purchase these items, you may be asked, in the future, to loan them back to the maker for exhibition. All Exhibitions will be above board and the owner of the piece will always be credited for loaning works from their collections.

MADE TO MEASURE Linen cuffs with needle lace edging

MADE TO MEASURE Linen cuffs with needle lace edging


Linen cuffs that will be made to fit the measurement of the sleeve. These cuffs are edged with 17th century style linen needle lace. They are made of fine linen gauze which has been starched. They are 7 inches tall (including the pinning band), 11 1/2 inches wide at the top and 10 inches wide (or custom measure) at the bottom. The darts are machine stitched on the back side. All hems are hand rolled. All finishing is hand worked.

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