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The work of The Modern Maker is available to purchase. All works sold on this page are the work of Mathew Gnagy, Owner and creator of The Modern Maker. Some pieces are works of art and carry the caveat that, should you purchase these items, you may be asked, in the future, to loan them back to the maker for exhibition. All Exhibitions will be above board and the owner of the piece will always be credited for loaning works from their collections.

KNITTING PATTERN--16th Century Woolen Stocking

KNITTING PATTERN--16th Century Woolen Stocking


After too long a wait, this pattern is now available!!

A 16th century-style woolen stocking based on surviving examples from Italy. The style is based on a fine gauge silk stocking, but here, we give you the same construction and beautiful detail in a gauge that knits up quickly and resembles wool stockings from the era! It can be knit in either Sock/fingering weight wool, or Sport weight.

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