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Figments & Filaments Convention

I will be lecturing at the Figments & Filaments convention in Kansas City! Please visit their website to purchase a last minute ticket and attend!

I will be teaching two classes.

The Tailor’s Legacy: Interpreting and using a 16th century Spanish Tailor’s Manual

This 2 hour lecture and demonstration will help the student understand and use information from the Spanish tailor’s manuals of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. The class will begin with a discussion of the books, their intent and their format. Then we will discuss the unit of measure and how it was used by tailors in the era as well as how it can be used today. The final hour of the class will be a demonstration of the system. I will lay out a suit directly onto the cloth so the class can see the process in use.

The Way of the Craftsman:

This one hour lecture will discuss the philosophy and practice of the skilled craftsman. From deciding to learn a skill, to methods of self-training and practice, to living with a professional, disciplined mindset and setting realistic goals. The focus will be on my career as a clothier, but the philosophies will extend to many different trades and professions. The goal is inspiration, focus and life-changing thinking about our work.