Frequently Asked Questions


What type of brand would you call your company?

We consider ourselves an educational brand, focusing on Early Modern clothing, pattern making, interpretation, and technique. Our focus is on teaching the public methods of making garments using historical sources and techniques through pattern books and educational content. We also offer bespoke tailoring services for individual clients.

I have a question about a technique, Can you help me?

If your question is about a technique within our purview, it’s likely been answered in one of our tailoring instruction books. If you haven’t picked up a copy of The Modern Maker Vol. 2: Pattern Manual 1580-1640, grab one at the store today.

If you have any questions about the content we provide through our website, Patreon and social media platforms, please direct all queries to:

What is the bara pattern making system?

The Bara Pattern Making System is a form of proportionate pattern cutting that was used by Spanish tailors. The first evidence of this system was published in 1580. The word ‘bara’ is a form of measurement and the word is still used Modern Spanish for the word ‘yard.’ It was a measurement standard for during the Early Modern era. For more information on the Bara system and how to create your own Bara tapes, check out The Modern Maker Vol. 2: Pattern Manual 1580-1640.

Where else can we find you on the internet?

We have a Patreon page! We offer exclusive insights and content with our most dedicated members in the community. If you’re interested in becoming a member join us today.

We also have a business page on Facebook.

We also have an Instagram account.

Do you talk about other things besides historical garments?

On occasion, yes! As a clothing company and professional costume shop, we sometimes work on content outside of the Early Modern Era.

Will your company start providing ready-made garments or tools?

While periodically, we do sell our tests, photo samples and mock-ups, we don’t have a retail clothing business model. Our goal is to teach you to make your own tools and clothing in accurate, historical methods.

Can I ask you questions related to historical research?

Unfortunately we are unable to help with research based questions. We recommend searching for groups or websites related to your historical research.

How do I book a consultation for bespoke services?

You can email us at: and we will set up an appointment for your initial consultation.

We also take bespoke queries through our Facebook Page.