The Modern Maker: Taking the Next Step in Building a Business

Taking the next step in a business isn’t always an easy choice. There are so many pitfalls, risks, and ever-present self-doubt. If you can get past those things, you should (hopefully) be successful.


I spent a lot of time trying to decide what direction I want to go when it comes to The Modern Maker. I’ve been in a near constant artistic neutral zone for years because I have been afraid to devote myself full-time to being in the studio. I would start, I would try, and then bills would come and I would bow my head and tuck tail between legs and slink back into a television or film job so I could replenish the coffers. I love those jobs, and the people and pay that come with them, but my heart is always in the studio and with my true costuming passions.

Every time I do this, all I can think about is getting back to the studio. I think about all the projects that languish; the clients that I’ve turned down because I didn’t have the time. I would think of all the wonderful clients that I disappoint because I barely have time to move their orders forward.


Making regular posts full of engaging content is difficult in those situations, and I’ve tried to hide both how hard it is to make the time and how disheartening it is to feel unable to make The Modern Maker soar to new heights. I have for many years felt very alone in the effort to build this business.

That has changed now. I made the decision to hire another person to help me carry this load. We have been working together for three weeks now and have already made some great progress on cleaning up the website, posting more engaging content and moving my work from hobby-business to actual business.

Our goal is to create, promote and grow the online presence with more lessons for Patreon as well as new support tiers. We will be creating more free posts to educate and engage people on all of our platforms. We will make the website itself more dynamic, more useful and more seamless in the shopping experience.


Thank you, to all my supporters and fans. You’ve all been with me through thick and think in the past few years as I try to make my way in New York City. The Modern Maker has grown so much, and I will not be doing it alone anymore!

Our ability to keep things rolling has just gotten a giant upgrade with addition of Caitlin to our team. Her role as Product Manager is going to make our work so much more accessible and viable on social media and moving forward with product development for the business.

I’m beyond excited for this much needed change.