The Next Steps at The Modern Maker

Its been a few months since we last talked about what’s happening over at The Modern Maker, and since then a many things have happened! We’ve released new videos, new shop items, updated the website, and created a new rhythm for communicating with all of you…and the list goes on. We’ve grown a lot and have committed ourselves to growing even more before the year is out.

Knitting Patterns and Knitting Books

Our passion for knitting has been reignited and Mathew has been hard at work developing new patterns for the company. He has done a lot of research into them that we are talking about releasing a knitting book this Fall. With the current rate we’re going, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty full book too!

As of now, the patterns in development are new patterns for hats from the Early Modern Era, specifically a set of hats from Bruegel’s ‘The Peasant Wedding’. We may also include updated versions of the 16th Century Stockings pattern and an additional style with a different heel and foot technique. The book is in development and we’ll keep everyone updated as we move forward with this new publication.

As we move forward with a focus on knitting, we will also be developing a presence over on Ravelry!

Rest assured, though we are focusing on knits for a while, we are still developing patterns and processes for clothing. It may not come to the front burner for a bit, but we have listened to your responses to the surveys we’ve put out. We are working out better, more accessible ways for the Bara Pattern Making system to be utilized and distributed through digital content.

What else is going on at The Modern Maker?

We’ve updated our Store Policy, our Privacy Policy and uploaded a Frequently Asked Questions section to the website. The Store has also been updated, with the intention of giving you a smoother shopping experience. Did you see our Newsletter button at the bottom of the page? Sign up to keep up to date on newest products and events from The Modern Maker.

Speaking of events, we’re in the planning stages for another set of classes to host in our Brooklyn studio late spring of next year. When we know there is enough interest, we will make and announcement with more information and link for signing up!

We’ve also done some updating over on our Patreon Page. We introduced new tiers to our reward system: The Helper Tier and The Handy Tier. You can check out the About page on our site to learn more about our Patreon rewards.

We’re still making videos! Mathew is currently in production for the skirt and petticoat episodes of The Modern Maker Workroom Season 4. We’re already in the planning stages for the next project in the series as well.

Overall, we’ve got a lot of work on our plates at The Modern Maker and we couldn’t be happier about it. It feels good to have so much growth in so short a time, and we want to keep that momentum going as we work here in the studio.

Happy stitching!