Moving forward!

Its been far too long since I’ve posted here, but now is the time to get back to it. I began a new job last summer than took a long time to get used to and eventually, I realized that it wasn’t for me. I’ve left that position and now I have a bit more time to focus on the things that matter to me here at The Modern Maker.

If you follow the link below, you’ll get the low-down on the next series of videos I’ll be shooting and delivering for the next several months. We will be making a lovely set of clothing for a woman. Two petticoats, a hip roll, stays, an over skirt and a jacket. That’s 6 pieces of clothing to make up the outfit. Now, I’m a clothier, I don’t make the accessories, but I will be looking for, and hopefully including accessories and where to buy them, or, if I’m lucky, I know people who MAKE them and you can hire them to do it. There are many options to finish the perfect townswoman look. I will show you only one example.

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Allan Gnagy