I'm so excited that there has been so much interest in more masterclasses at my studio. I have scheduled a series of classes throughout the month of October. Drafting, Stays, Doublets and Kirtles are the classes that will be taught this year.

Please visit the Workshop Registration page to purchase your seat.

There is always interest, but often, its difficult for people to take a week off of work, so I'm in the process of developing some 3 day (fri-sun) Workshops in my studio that will be faster, less expensive and very informative. It is likely that they will all be very technique focused rather than garment focused. Too much work goes into a single garment to make it feasible to teach the construction in 3 days...but learning a technique or two and honing that over the course of 3 days is most certainly possible.

One of the more important things is that all the seats are filled. There are only six seats available per week and my hope is that they will sell fast. If they do, I will plan another set of classes so that I am teaching a round of classes every three months or so.


Allan Gnagy