Announcing The Modern Maker Workroom!!


At the end of February, I began monetizing my online knowledge. So far its been a success!

I am calling it THE MODERN MAKER WORKROOM. It is an online presence that functions much like a classroom with myself as the teacher and subscribers as the students. Lower level subscriptions can just follow along, higher level subscriptions can join a closed group format where I will personally help guide your process.

Using as a platform for subscriptions, I am creating videos, graphics and other content which help people make better clothing. The photo above comes from a 16th century Spanish wrap skirt called a Manteo, or a Faldellin. Throughout the month of March, I created videos that teach all the steps to make a simple version of one of these skirts. From layout and cutting, to all the hand sewing to stitch it together.

This skirt is a great way to start hand sewing as there are relatively few seams. A very long hem means there is plenty of time to practice and perfect the stitches, helping students gain efficiency in their movements and uniformity in their stitches.

If you'd like to join us in The Modern Maker Workroom, visit: and sign up!

As soon as you subscribe, you will have access not only to upcoming videos, but to past videos as well!

I can't wait to see where we go with this new format!


Allan Gnagy