WAY past the finish line and 30 days to go!

I'm a bit lost for words regarding the speed with which the current Kickstarter campaign has funded. In just under 8 hours after launch, we reached the first goal of 10k. A few days later, 20k. And now, after only 10 days of campaign, we are less than 600.00 away from the final stretch goal of 30k. THERE ARE STILL 30 DAYS LEFT IN THE CAMPAIGN!! I only planned to write one book with this campaign, but the incredible amount of support from the 425 people who have contributed. It means that I will be able to write three books with a single campaign.

The Modern Maker Vol 2: Pattern Manual 1580-1640

The Modern Maker Vol 3: Men's Breeches

The Modern Maker Vol 4: Women's Bodice, Skirt, and Doublet

I am truly honored by all of the support and am looking forward to the long and exciting journey of creating these volumes!

In an effort to stay on task and look toward the future, I started working with new camera equipment yesterday that will enable me to film myself working. You can see the first pattern drafting video here on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWyy6hpREAw

In a little under a month, my better half and I will be moving to a new place where I will have more room for my workshop. In this new space, I plan on setting up cameras in strategic locations around the room so my methods can be documented. As long as I can work it out with my Cameraman, I plan to use the new space to shoot instructional videos to supplement the books and in some cases, to stand on their own.


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