Finally found my way in!

As a writer, I can say with some certainty that it never gets easier to start a new project. Every book has its own unique energy and sometimes its hard to find your way in. However...this book gave up the fight and I have found my path through it!

Attempting to create the right kind of book for the content was causing me quite a bit of distress for a couple of months. Now though, I have a solid knowledge of how the information needs to be conveyed as well as what additional information needs to be included to make it even more useful.

Instead of a typical pattern making manual which tends to show you how to draft patterns and nothing else, this book is going into some detail about layout and cutting and the additional things needed for the insides of the clothes.

At first glance, the layouts don't look especially different from the original manuals. However, they now have much more clear notation, they have been updated to reflect a more current average size and height. The men's pieces reflect a size 42R or 44R and the women's pieces are based on a size 10 rather than industry's more typical size 6. This means that more people will be able to use the layouts as they are given without having to move the placement of the pattern pieces. The layouts will be given in the two most standard widths of cloth, 45 inches and 60 inches. Also, in the original manuals, many smaller items were left out of the layouts. Sometimes things as essential as collars were simply too well known to people in the trade to bother putting them in the layout images. Times have changed. I am including all the little bits that are needed to finish off the clothing...the shoulder wings, the tabs, where you should cut the strips of bias to be used to trim and finish the clothes. Each garment will have the necessary layouts for the fashion fabric, the canvases, the felt padding, hem stiffeners, armhole supports, interlining and linings..depending on the garment.

Without these, the story of the clothing is incomplete.

I'm looking forward to sharing the progress with you as we take our big leaps forward in the next few months.

Cutting Central!

Cutting Central!

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