MASTERCLASS 5 --Doublets men/women May 7-11 2018


MASTERCLASS 5 --Doublets men/women May 7-11 2018


This Class will be held at The Modern Maker's Studio from Monday May 7th to Friday May 11th 2018:

61 Greenpoint Avenue
Suite 401D
Brooklyn, NY 11222

ALL CLASSES will be from 9am to 5pm with a 1 hour lunch break from 1-2pm

DAY 1:
Field trip to NYC Garment District to buy supplies and shop for fabrics (Budget around 250.00 for this excursion)
Return to Studio for lecture and to make patterns

DAY 2:
Double check patterns and cut out garments
Begin Assembly of pieces

DAY 3:
Continue Assembling clothing

Day 4:
Continue assembling clothing
First test fitting

DAY 5:
Begin finishing of pieces
Final lecture/discussion

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