A new process

Hi Everyone!

Today marks the first release of my monthly patterns. This month, its a knitting pattern for a wool stocking. I began working with historical knits quite some time ago, but only recently did I find something so interesting that I had to share.

While combing though my copy of Moda a Firenze: Cosimo D'Medici, I found a beautiful stocking with the most unusual heel and gusset that I'd ever seen. The fine gauge silk stockings are known to have belonged to Maria d'Aragona in 1568. They are on display at the Museo San Domenico di Maggiore in Italy.

Now, I am a sock lover. I love to knit them and have knit SO many pairs over the years. At the time when I encountered these stockings, I had only knit a couple pairs of heavy gauge wool stockings for really cold historical events. The discovery of these beautiful leg coverings sent me on a binge of testing and development to figure out the complex series of shaping steps which would result in this appearance.

I am in the process of creating this pattern in several gauges, the first of which is for wool yarn in either fingering weight or sport weight.

I modified the shape somewhat because the surviving pair is a bit "clunky" by modern standards and I really wanted to create a piece with an elegant shape. The gusset is a little narrower and the ankle is a bit narrower as well.

So, the pattern is now available to purchase in the store, it has been edited and tested multiple times. My hope is that you will find it a pleasant thing to knit and that legs all over the historical dress world will have a fresh look.

COMING THIS FALL!: The fine gauge silk versions!