Mathew Gnagy

Mathew Gnagy is a professional costumer, designer, and teacher at Parsons University of Fashion Design in New York City. Best known for his research and skill in patterning and constructing 16th and 17th century style clothing and for his work in creating distinctive knitting patterns and modern knitted garments, his remarkable clothing is highly prized among both high fashion aficionados and historical recreation communities for its aesthetic beauty, authentic feel and famously well-cut and well-crafted execution. Following his successful first book “Knitting Off the Axis: Projects and Techniques for Sideways Knitting”, published by Interweave (November 15, 2011), Mathew has recently completed his second work “The Modern Maker: Volume 1 – Men’s Doublets” which details the construction technique and patterning practice for these renaissance period garments. The list of upcoming books continues to grow. Next up,  Vol 2: Men’s Breeches, followed by Vol. 3: Women’s garments.  And to finish out the list,  The Modern Maker Pattern Book. Mathew is delighted at the response to the re-creation of a pattern making method from the 16th and 17th century used in Vol. 1. In The Modern Maker Pattern Book, each draft will be examined, from various doublet styles, to breeches, jackets, gowns cloaks and more.

When Mathew is not teaching at Parsons or traveling the country lecturing, he works in the New York fashion industry creating sweaters for designer runway shows and as a theatrical tailor for Film, Television and Stage.

Mathew can be found online in several historical clothing interest groups, sharing his knowledge and helping people develop the skills necessary to carry them to the next level of their craft.


Knitting Off the Axis, Interweave Press, 2011

The Modern Maker Vol. 1: Men's Doublets, CreateSpace, 2014

The Modern Maker Pattern Manual 1: 1580-1640, CreateSpace (Projected release fall 2016)